Ice Cream Cake Coupon

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It is a brick coupon so you can print it twice!

My kids love these cakes and I always get cute pics of them with their colored smiles :)

Swagbucks Earning Proof 10.7.15

On Wednesday in between getting ready for my garage sale I was able to cash out a $15 Amazon gift card!  Yes, I could have waited until I earned more points for a larger gift card, but it just so happens we are in need of coconut oil, so I decided to go ahead and cash out.  I buy the huge 32 oz of coconut oil because I use it for EVERYTHING!  Anyhow, coconut oil is something I could go on an on about and maybe I will in a future post, but this post is about my Swagbucks Earning Proof - so here it is:

I almost always cash out for either Starbucks or Amazon because those are the two places I shop the most but the options for cash out are abundant!

I earn most of my "points" through Swagbucks via:

  1. Online Searches - In chrome it is my default search engine
  2. Coupons - I print my coupons from the Swagbucks site and every time I use one, I get 10 points
  3. Shopping - whenever I buy something online I will check to see if I can earn points through Swagbucks
Happy Money Making!

Yard Sale Tips, Our Yard Sale was a Success :)

As promised I'm updating my previous post about preparing for a yard sale.  Our yard sale ended yesterday and we did great!  We did the Yard Sale Friday and Saturday.  Friday was cold and windy and Saturday was beautiful and sunny.  Oddly, Friday was our best day!  I've had yard sales in the past, but this was by far the most successful one yet!  We made enough money to fund our cash envelope budgets for a week :)  Below is a list of what I did and why I think this yard sale was so successful.
  1. I went though every room in my house, including the attic.  I had stuff in my attic from 6 years ago that I completely forgot about.  As I discovered items I wanted to sell I put them in the garage.
  2. I asked neighbors if they wanted to add anything to my sale and two of them brought over about 5 boxes worth of stuff - therefore "filling out" my tables.
  3. I advertised on line via Craigslist and as well as made very colorful signs.  I used big bubble letters on my signs and let the kids color them.  For the online advertising I made sure to include pics to attract attention.  Here are some of the pics I used:  

4. I also used this wonderful Yard Sale Pricing Guide  as a starting point to price my items.  I prices things by table, and then tagged the larger or stand alone items.  For example if had almost 2 tables full of crafts and decor items, I priced this table as $2.00 per item.  Small things like ribbon and stamps and such I boxed together and sold the whole box for $2.00.  On the last day I made sure to let people know that it was our last day and I was pretty much giving things away, so feel free to ignore the tag and make me an offer - this technique went over fairly well.

5.  My youngest also sold cookies and hot chocolate on Friday afternoon which wasn't as big of a hit as it has been previously.  However, he started haggling with our customers and he had customers giving him higher prices than I said because they thought he was so cute.  Apparently it pays to be a cute little 8 year old boy with chubby cheeks and a lisp from lost teeth ;)

6.  At one point we had about six of our neighbors hanging out at the garage sale and I noticed that during that time, more people stopped.  Which led me to believe that the more people you have at your garage sale, the more people will stop.  Probably because they assumed that if there were that many people there we must have good stuff - right?!

7.  As soon as the garage sale was over we immediately loaded up the car and went straight to Goodwill.  The only things I kept were things I could sell via eBay or items that I could use as a gift in the future.

Hopefully you will find some of this information useful for your next garage sale and have just as much success as I did :)  Happy Garage Selling!

Where to find Blogging Jobs

The jobs board - has tons of legit blogging jobs.  You can search by Location and or filter by Freelance, Full Time, Internship, Remote and temporary.

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Where to find out if something is a scam

Ripoff Report  - Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds. File a report, post your review. Consumers educating consumers.

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It's been a long time, over a year since I've posted, but I'm getting back to it!  In 2011 I went back to work part time and then 2013 went full time and for the time being I am a stay at home mom again. During all those transitions - the blog died :(

In all that time, here's what I learned "I am not Super Mom!"
 Image result for super mom

I tried, but I was completely fried on all levels!    So, for now I am at home, but looking for something part time to make ends meet.  Working full time and handling everything on my own is just too overwhelming and really took a toll on me.  My husband is the bread winner and he is gone for about 12 hours a day, which left me to do everything in addition to working full time and I fried myself out big time!  I bow to single working mom's - I used to be one, but life was completely different in my 20's!

I have finally learned to say no and to stop trying to hold myself up to other people's/society's standards or to be something I'm not (like Superwoman :) )  I have accepted that I just have limits to what I can handle without going off the deep end ;)  I now know what my limits are and I am comfortable with that!  There are woman in my life that would be upset with me for saying that I have limits to what I can handle and would say I'm strong and smart and I can do anything.  Well, to those woman I say "thank you and I love you," but we all have limits and I'm proud to say that just because other woman do it, doesn't mean I'm weak because I am admitting that I can't and it's OK!

With all that said, my goal is to get back to spending less and making money from home, sweeps/contests and posting about the occasional crazy, silly thoughts that pop in my head or come out of my kids' mouth :)

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Of course if you want to get a short term contract, you could be on the receiving end of this deal as well.

Betty Crocker Coupons

For over $70 in savings go to Betty Crocker Coupons

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Take Medicine Past Expiration Date

I have often wondered if medicine was good after it's expiration date and in fear of the unknown, I have flushed good money down the toilet!

Apparently over 20 years ago the FDA did an experiment and found that most drugs were still effective past their expiration date. It seems as though medications can be good for up to 5 years after they have expired, while retaining 90 percent of their potency!

I will still be leery, but it's good to know if your in a jam.

Freebies at Autozone

I was at Autozone the other day and they had posters all of the windows of freebies that they offer:

  1. Loan a Tool
  2. Testing; Batteries, Starters, Alternaters, Iginition
  3. Batttery Charging
  4. Check Engline light help
Now, I haven't tried any of these "freebies", so I'm not sure if there is a "catch" or not, but I thought it was worth sharing.  Good Luck!

Free Disney Movie Rewards

The March Newsletter for  had the following code:  1438JFKJK0W  With this code you can get 5 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Pointslimited time only.

Daily SAHM Schedule, Daily Working Mom's Schedule....

I have been asked about how I spend my days as a SAHM, and now that I am working, how I fit everything in.  Well, I have a daily schedule that I stick to 80% of the time :)

I have been doing it for so long now though that it I don't even look at it anymore. I am not constantly looking at the schedule to find out what to do next, after a couple of weeks, it just becomes second nature.

But, I do keep it posted as a reminder to fit everything and everyone in, including myself.  We all have lazy days  or off days or days that just simply take us by surprise.  But I try very hard to stick to the schedule because I just feel happier when I know that I have given my best and have attended to all areas of my life. 

This is my schedule for the days I work (which is 3 days a week):

This is my schedule for the days I stay home:
I have changed this schedule many times, until I found the right balance that works for me.  So, if this helps you in any way, that makes me happy :)

What is ebay Go Together

While I haven't used this service yet, it sounds interesting and just may be of use in the future.

If you're going to an event where 1 person is buying tickets and collecting money from others, than eBay Go Together is a great alternative to tracking down that money that is owed you.  My husband just did this a couple of months ago, he bought 6 concert tickets and then collected money from everyone else later - this way would definitely save time.

1. You find group event tickets by logging onto ebay
2. Click split with friends button
3. Invite friends via Facebook or email
4. Friends pay you through PayPal without fees
5. You can either buy the tickets before or after you receive payment from everyone - it's up to you (my personal advice, buy them after!)

Where have I been?

I went back to work!  It's been a while since I posted, I know, but I am now jumping back on!  I can't post as much as I did before because of the fact that I am working, but I promise not to abandon you for 2 months!  I am only working part time.  It' supposed to be M,T full days and 1/2 day Wednesday's but I have been working more than that, which has made transitioning to going back to work a bit hard.  However, I am getting there.  It was really tough at first.  Having not worked for 5 years and then jumping back into the corporate world was quite the 360 for me.  But I feel like I am getting my sea legs now ;)  So, thanks for sticking around and I will see more of you online soon :)

Halloween Freebies at Brunswick

Free Printable Halloween goody from Brunswick for all those classmates!

You can print a sheet full of 1 free bowling coupons to cut and give out for Halloween, right here.

I did this last year for Chuck E Cheese and the kids loved them.

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Good luck!


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Thank You Starbucks Patron!

I went to Starbucks this morning to get a coffee.  When I pulled up to the window, the woman said "Oh, the man in front of you paid for your drink!"  I said "Oh my gosh, okay, well Thank you".  Of course the nice man that paid for my drink had already driven off.  How I would have loved to say Thank You to him - as he made my day! 

It's not often that people do random nice things for other people that they don't know.  He totally made my day and put me in the best - most giving mood :)  I then went home and started reading email and found out that today is "National be a good Neighboor Day".  That just made me that much happier!  I am always doing random nice things for my neighboors and today, I was on the receiving end - that doesn't happen that often! 

So be a good neighbor today and do something nice - Karma just may return the favor!

Ideas for de-cluttering and organizing toys

My kids….I’m sure like many others, despise picking up their toys!  For a while I tried just letting them clean up once at the end of the day.  However, I quickly realized that was not going to work!  Something always comes up and then the last thing that gets done is the cleaning, and all of sudden its day 3 and the same toys are still on the floor!  So, I decided I had enough and came up with some ideas for keeping their toys organized.
  1. Clean up one thing before moving on to the next!
  2. Keep a spot or a bin/basket in the room that they play in most so that there is always somewhere for them to put their toys.  So often kids don’t want to clean because they just don’t know where to put it.
  3. In the playroom or in their bedroom try to have different cubes for different items.  Keep all the cars in one bin, all the action figures in another, etc.
  4. Label everything – this not only help you and other parents when they come over, but it helps the little ones to recognize their words!
  5. If they decide they don’t want a particular toy then maybe it’s time to donate it or sell it and let them keep the profits to buy something they really like. 
  6. If you do end up not following rule #1, and a big mess is just waiting to be cleaned up, then help them break it down.  Kids get overwhelmed when they look at the big mess and they see no end in sight.  Say something like, pick up all the red items first and put those away and then move on to the next color or something like that.
  7. Help them understand why they need to keep it organized; so they don’t lose their toys, so no one trips, etc.
  8. Reward them for doing a good job, especially when you don’t have to remind them to do it!
  9. Model the behavior you want from them.  Show them how you keep your stuff organized and neat and it will make a big difference.
  10. Try to make it fun – set a timer and whoever gets done the quickest gets to pick what game you play next.
Of course there are days when none of the above happens, and you have to remember your own rules.  Sometimes you go to someone else’s house or see something on tv that you think would work great – give it a try.  Our kids are consistently changing and growing and we have to be flexible and adapt to their needs too.  So, if something isn’t working or you want to try something new, go for it.  Giving the kids the opportunity to use their own ideas in cleaning up and staying organized could just be the best idea!

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